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From the Desk of Pastor Bert

​After a long search, my nephew had found a
used car in our area that fit his needs and price
range. I checked it out. Seemed just right. No
visual problems or noises. As the ads always say,
“No warning lights and the air runs cold.” The
family drove an hour and a half to look it over.
Yep, just right. The seller was more than
gracious and generous. All was good. They
headed home delighted for a good day. Then,
halfway home the car just flat out quit running.
No warning lights, no restarting. Just plain quit.

Again, the seller was most gracious. Cancelled
the sale and towed it back. And the family
returned home after a really good, then not so
good day, back to the search for a second car.
My nephew knew that it was no one’s fault,
these things just happen. When I messaged his
wife saying I was sorry for how the day ended
the words above were her words.

Pause for a moment or two and ponder the
words “we have all we need in life.” Don’t
compare yourself to others. Don’t consider all
the things you want and do not have.
Just look around, “Do I have all I NEED?”
My recent move (and the need for a good downsizing) has caused me to think about what is needed. Currently our kitchen/dining area is in
the downhill side of remodeling. Everything that
belongs in kitchen cupboards is still in boxes.
The kitchen range is not currently connected nor
is there a kitchen sink. We have sort of a place
setting for each of us out.

Last evening a very good dinner was prepared in an electric skillet on the enclosed back porch and we dined there on lawn chairs watching the
birds and squirrels, feeling the evening breeze.
We have what we need. Yes, it will be a joy
when the kitchen is completed. But I’m pretty
sure, weather permitting, there will still be many
a simple meal enjoyed on lawn chairs on the
porch, and we will know how much more we are

So when things seem a bit chaotic, somewhat
out of sorts, not going the way you hoped or
planned, pause a moment. In those moments
look around at all of your blessings. Most likely
you have all you need.

Our challenge as people of faith is to help others who do not have all they need. What can we do to help them? The answer could be in our
closets and our cupboards, in those boxes yet to unpack. And, ya know, the answer may also be in our wallets and bank accounts. Hmmm.

We are blessed and called to be blessings to
others who truly are in need.

Pastor Bert

“Eh! It could have ended SO much worse. We still have all we need in life!”

Those were the closing words of the con-versation that day.