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Walk into a store and you are overwhelmed with the heavy aroma of cinnamon scented pine cones which in three steps becomes pumpkin spiced everything. Enter fully and it seems like ghouls and goblins are chasing turkeys, Pilgrims, and red and green elves around plastic evergreens lit so bright you pull your sunglasses back down off your head.

Just above them, up on the top shelf edged in pine boughs and flickering green lights, Mary, Joseph, and the baby . . . and maybe a sheep. I’m sure somewhere in the “home accent” department of the local craft store there has to be a wood and tin sign, fit for any front walk, that reads, ”Happy Merry Hallgivingmas!”

What does all this mean? I’m really not sure, but I know what it does to us. It takes our thoughts and our actions, our time, talents and treasures away from other things.

In this season, there are places large and small, where warm clothes, hats and mittens are given in love to those who do not have. In cities and towns there is shelter being provided for those in need of a place because they have nowhere to go. In church basements and vacant store fronts there are meals being served and hugs given out to men, women and families who have a lot of month left after the money is gone. In our own community, Weekender food bags go home with dozens of school children every Friday. And, this kind of season lasts the year round.

What should we do? What can we do? How can we act toward those in need in this season of celebrated plenty?

Maybe it is just easier to decorate our mantels with gourds, our evergreens with lights, and lawns with Jack’s Lanterns and blow-up snowmen. ‘Tis the season, ya know!

‘Tis the season! Which one? I’m not quite sure.

Oh, we know it is election season, unless of course you have not watched a TV, opened a newspaper, listened to a radio, or driven more than a mile from home. Political advertising has flooded us over leaving political signs sticking in the ditches like trash after a Spring gully washer. I recall a front lawn on a back road that told it best. Colorful signs of various candidates neatly arranged for the best impact, a large headed scarecrow leaning against a corn stalked mailbox post. And an old hand painted, black-on-white sign staked under the mailbox closest to the road. Just two words, “Free Manure.”

Even more interesting is how these lawns of political support are being lit at night by Jack’s Lanterns – symbols of lost souls doomed to roam the night in darkness.

On our big screen TVs, Spot the giant Target® dog runs through snowy streets spilling brightly wrapped presents tied with red bows. We change channels and a well-known soup company re-minds us that the “classic green bean casserole” is a much desired food of the coming season. Click again and we ring the doorbell with those candy coated, chocolate brothers with a letter on their chest who are mistakenly seen as kids in costume.

From the Desk of Pastor Bert
Happy Merry Hallgivingmas!
Blessings, Pastor Bert